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Disclaimer: This site teaches the most effective and ferocious forms of reality-based self defense. This site will not mislead you with feel-good martial arts, katas, or claims of "Top Secret" deadly moves. Plain and simple, this site will educate you in REAL SELF DEFENSE! If you are interested in learning a field-tested system, supported by techniques, philosophies, and a methodology that will enable you to survive any aggressor in the street or battlefield, read on.

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Your Self Defense Survival Guide

We are delivering information that can save your life.

Our cutting-edge reality-based system enables you to go from zero to 100 miles per hour in your ability to defend yourself! In a matter of hours, you will learn:

Techniques Special Operations soldiers use on the battlefield right now.

Strategies designed to give you maximum effectiveness when you need it the most!

Core principles that you will you master in hours, not years.

Reality-based, reality-tested, reality-proven self defense effective in keeping you confident and safe on the street.

Note: While this system provides you a very effective and vicious hardcore combat system that is not rivaled anywhere, a belt to tie around your waist is not included.

Let's Get Real

You have seen the gimmicks and the false claims that you will learn an ancient form of "Tiger Toe Fu" or become "Bad Bob Street Fighter”!

Here, we promise only to educate you and to invite you to join a club of hard-core practitioners. You will be proud of the confidence this knowledge gives you and you will be ready to execute on that knowledge to defend yourself and others.

Simply and effectively:


Learn to devastate "Bad Bob Street Fighter” or any other wannabe tough guy in less than five seconds!

Defeat a larger, stronger, and more skilled aggressor.

Devastate the predator who is determined to harm you or take your life.

You are going to learn from the best in REALITY-BASED SELF DEFENSE instructors in the world and they have a mission!

The Mission

Defense Techniques
To get invaluable self defense techniques into your hands ASAP! We aim to educate the masses with our revolutionary system.

Quick Results
To deliver a system that allows you to defend yourself within a few hours!

Empowerment for You
To empower you in your daily life. If you know that you can take down the violent predator or street thug in a worst case scenario, don't you think that you will walk a little taller having this ability? Absolutely!

Affordable Defense Solutions
To deliver this system at an affordable cost.

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The reasons most experienced martial artists cannot defend themselves in the street . . .

Here's the Deal

You can know all the Kung Fu, Karate, and MMA you want but, if you are not trained in pre-contact psychology, fear management, verbal skills, body language, and operating under duress utilizing gross motor skills... well, let's just say you are operating at an extreme disadvantage.

If you are currently training in martial arts or if you are a complete beginner, this site is for you. For the advanced martial artist, gain information that can only make your style more complete and make you a force to be reckoned with.

If you are just beginning your journey, you are on the fast track to a wealth of knowledge that will put you in an elite club of reality-based practitioners.


Here is just a sample of what is in this powerful book!

Avoid injury. You cannot protect yourself or others when you are injured.

Learn to be street smart and avoid compromising situations.

Identify an aggressor by biological giveaways: one skill worth the cost of the entire book!

Knock out your aggressor without a fight through our Offensive Defense principle.

Optimize your body’s natural movements using the Fluid Principle.

Devastate your aggressor by attacking his most vulnerable areas. Know which ones work every time.

Flip the switch to adopt a warrior’s mindset. When attacked, be the conqueror!

Learn the two words that will back down predators in a heartbeat.

Master three simple moves on the ground, any one of which will leave the most experienced grappler screaming.

Land a charging attacker flat on his back.

You have heard, “Where a man's head goes his body will follow” and “Control the head, control the body”. Learn to control the head with a lock that even a 13 year-old girl can apply to a grown man to make him cry like… well, a 13 year-old girl.

Learn the one move that will make EVERY unfortunate attacker scream in pain!

These are not magical maneuvers used by kung fu monks, but moves that have been tested by combat-hardened soldiers, top self defense instructors, and security detachment specialists.

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